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Digital Recording Tools for the Performing Musician

Digital Recording Tools for the Performing Musician is a clinic and masterclass designed to teach all musicians how to use a computer or smart phone to critique their performance ability. Mr. Del Signore is a performing percussionist, and has used this approach to better his own performances and overall playing ability.   Use of digital audio recording tools to analyze playing ability is beneficial to all musical performers.

Analysis of recordings is made aurally with exact speed and slow speed playback, and visually by the reading of waveform charts of recorded audio. Use of click tracks, reference pitches, tempo adjusted playback accompaniment, and looping are some of the tools we use.  All of these tools have been available to sound recording engineers for years, but are now easily available, and can be taken anywhere by anyone with digital recording software in a laptop computer, or with appropriate apps on a tablet computer or smart phone.  Most software and applications are free or very low cost and all the tools are self-contained in the computer or device, except for headphones for listening. Every young performer who wants to understand more clearly how they are performing will embrace this easy to learn and easy to use technology.

Brian Del Signore uses a short PowerPoint presentation to introduce the sofware tools, showing how to record and use the software. Then recorded musical excerpts are introduced on the screen, and Mr. Del Signore explains and discusses what is seen in the recordings.

After the PowerPoint presentation, actual recording begins using Audacity software, which is a free internet download available to all Mac and PC users.  In the master class, Mr. Del Signore and students record and analyze themselves on screen, and with audio playback, performing on instruments of each student's area of study including voice.   Use of digital recording tools for self critique is beneficial for all performing musicians and vocalists.

This clinic and master class has been presented at the following music conservatories and universities:

University of North Texas 2010
Sam Houston State University 2010
New England Conservatory 2011
Yale University 2011
Julliard School of Music 2011
Curtis Institute of Music 2011
Peabody Conservatory 2011
Southern Methodist University 2011
Baylor University 2011
Texas A&M University-Commerce 2011 
The Colburn School, Los Angeles 2012
California State University, Northridge 2012
San Francisco Conservatory of Music 2012
Manhattan School of Music 2012
Texas Music Festival 2012
Percussive Arts Society International Conference (PASIC) 2012
Wichita State University 2013
University of Missouri/Kansas City 2013
University of Kansas (Main Campus) 2013
Washburn University, Topeka Kansas 2013
University of Michigan 2014
Carnegie Mellon University 2014
Cleveland Institute of Music 2014
New York University 2015
Temple University 2015
Berklee College of Music 2015
Boston Conservatory 2015
PASIC 2015 (Symphonic Snare Drum Lab)
Sam Houston State University 2015

The following corporations are sponsors of this clinic/masterclass:

Remo Inc:
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Black Swamp Percussion:

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Julliard School of Music
Peabody Institute
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