Digital Recording Tools for the performing musician

 Digital Recording Tools for the Performing Musician is a clinic and masterclass designed to teach all musicians how to use a computer or digital recording device to critique their performance ability.  Mr. Del Signore has used these tools to better his own performances and overall playing ability.  Use of digital audio recording tools to analyze playing ability is beneficial to all musical performers.

In the clinic and master class, students perform and are recorded. Tools such as  slow speed playback, click track overlay, playback accompaniment, reference pitches, and waveform reading are shown are used for analysis of the recordings .  All of these tools are available to anyone with digital recording software in a laptop computer, smart phone or tablet computer.  Many audio recording applications are free or low cost, and all the tools are self-contained in the digital devices, with the exception of  headphones, which are recommended for critical  listening. This ease and mobility of digital recording devices makes these tools available wherever people perform or practice.

Brian Del Signore has been presenting this clinic and masterclass at music schools across the US for the past decade, and the following corporate sponsors generously support these programs:

Black Swamp Percussion

Pearl Drum Corporation

ProMark Drum Sticks

Remo Corporations

Sabian Cymbals

Please peruse the photo gallery below.

Digital Recording Tools Clinic at Boston Conservatory

Digital Recording Tools Clinic at Boston Conservatory