The World of Percussion

The World of Percussion is a live percussion performance with a PowerPoint presentation, designed for block time assembly in elementary schools. In this program, Houston Symphony Principal Percussionist, Brian Del Signore, introduces students to percussion instruments and rhythms in a geographical trip around the world.

The program starts with a short introduction to the symphony orchestra and the four instrument groups (strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion). The word “percussion” is defined and Mr. Del Signore discusses and shows examples of finding percussion instruments in the world around us, as well as making them ourselves.

World percussion instrument demonstrations follow, as Brian brings out a wide array of percussion instruments from many different countries and cultures. While these instruments are introduced and performed with, the students travel a concise and cohesive trip around the world, seeing where the instruments originated via an on-screen map in the PowerPoint presentation.

To conclude the program, Brian and the students create a jam session where the students keep time and play rhythms with hands and home made shakers , while Brian improvises on the percussion instruments the students have been introduced to in the course of the program; all the while reminding the students, instrument names and where they originated.

Optimum length of the program is forty (40) minutes, tailored to fit block time schedules. It can be lengthened (up to 60 min) or shortened at no addition charge, to fit each school’s scheduling needs. This program can also be changed to include material the music teachers or schools request. This program is appropriate for all elementary grades, and is especially suitable for grades 2nd through 5th. 

For more information on this program, please contact Brian Del Signore or 

Young Audiences Houston.